Calculations and simulations

Due to high investment cost and complexity the reliability of a process forcast has gain increasing importance. Today also we at I.T.Σ . don´t leave things to expirience and trail and error, reliability and quality of your products are the result of theoretical know how and practical expirience. Both are nonreplaceable basics for a solid foundation of a sucessfull company. As the importance of computer aided simulation has increased in the past decade it is today a reliable source of process forecast. In view of todays complexity essential. Also I.T.Σ. uses this technology increasingly. However only the combination of theoretical knowledge, pratical expirience and a realiable simulation is part of our success. This enables us today and in the future to use information like:

  • Pressure loss
  • Flow behaviour
  • Cavity filling

For the design of moulds and cold runners and by this forecast with an accuracy of almost 90 % prior to the start of production of the same. We like to share this knowledge in connection with our service product, even without making the mould or cold runner. Use our know how and possibilities.

Fuell Simulation Filmanguss

Fuell Simulation Punktanguss

Simulation Artikelfuellung Heissverteiler