From the idea to the product, our guiding principle

Think today, what might be possible tomorrow. A qualified and motivated team is prepared to assist as a partner fort he realization of your requirements. Only after your are convinced about our performance and solutions , the production process starts. With most modern machines: 3 Achsen CNC Drehzentren Drehdurchmesser 275 mm, Drehlänge 1.000 mm3 Achsen Fräszentren. Bearbeitungsgrösse in einer Aufspannung 1.500 x 780 mm, 4 Achsen CNC Senkerodiermaschinen, Bearbeitungsgrösse in einer Aufspannung 800 x 560 mm, 5 Achsen CNC Senkerodiermaschinen (extern), CNC Drahtschneiden Maximallänge 500 mm (extern), CNC Flachschleifmaschinen Bearbeitungsgrösse in einer Aufspannung 1.500 x 800 mm, Manuelle Dreh-, Fräs- und Schleifmaschinen, Highly qualified experts manufacture the parts , which are fitted to a mould by expierienced mould makers tobe finaly a for you successful production system. The responsible project manager stays with you for the intire time until delivery.He or she is responsible for all questions tobe clearifyed, coordinates with the prodcution the final delivery date and makes sure that you receive exactly what you expect.
I.T.Σ. can only be successfull if you are successfull with our solutions.