M. Huber I.T.S. GmbH - Kaltkanaltechnik, Werkzeugbau, Spritzwerkzeuge, Nadelverschluss, Komplettlösung für Elastomerverarbeitung


I.T.Σ. does not only designs and manufactures moulds and cold runner systems , we further more offer to take care that your equipment is ready to run once you need it and this for a long life time.

Trained staff takes care of things which are importrant. With a regular maintainance in our tool shop we take care that your mould or cold runner works the way you expect.

In case something got damaged at your end , we will not only fix it to work, but in a way you expect it from a tool maker.

Our product curiculm will keep you up to date when a maintainance service is due and what should be done.

Fix it before it brakes

M. Huber I.T.Σ. GmbH
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